Foto Rochelle Rond

Rochelle dreamed of becoming a midwife during her childhood. She finds the development of an embryo into a baby, from partners to parents very interesting. It is an honor for her to be able to guide you during this period.


Apart from the physiological treatment, it is her goal is to act within your personal wishes as much as possible. The best thing about being a midwife for Rochelle is being able to attend all the special moments from pregnancy to childbirth. She also advises women on contraception.


Personal words from Rochelle:

“Would you like to postpone your desire to have children? Do you not want to get pregnant for the time being? Or is your desire to have children completely fulfilled? Recently I also install spirals for het Geboorte-atelier. Who knows, we might see each other soon! ”
“Wil jij je kinderwens nog even uitstellen? Wil je voorlopig even niet meer zwanger worden? Of is jouw kinderwens helemaal vervuld? Sinds kort plaats ik voor het Geboorte-atelier ook spiralen. Wie weet zien we elkaar snel!”