There are two locations where we make ultrasounds and you will receive the very first pictures of your baby here. This is an image that will probably be engraved in your memory, but just to be sure we will also provide you with the actual imagery. You do not have to be registered for obstetric care to book an ultrasound at our practice, whether medical or non-medical.

For ultrasounds (including the vitality ultrasound without medical reason) and gender determinations midwives Samantha de Roode and Rosanne Mittelhaëuser will welcome you at Daan Hoeksemastraat 57.

Our sonographers

Foto Rosanne Rond

Rosanne Mittelhaëuser – van Jole

Foto Samantha Rond

Samantha de Roode-Blom

Vitality ultrasound

Term ultrasound

Combined test

Gender determination

20-week ultrasound/SER

Growth ultrasound

Placentalocalisation ultrasound

Placement ultrasound

Non-medical ultrasound (extra)

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