After giving birth, we will come to your home two or three times for maternity check-ups to discuss the childbirth and answer any questions you may have. If there are problems during the last check, we can extend the visits. You can also ask us anything during this time.

Mid 2024 we introduce our own maternity care!

Maternity nurse (kraamverzorgster)

The maternity nurse is there to assist with the home birth and to carry out medical checks on mother and child during childbirth. These checks are written down and recorded in a care document, so that we can clearly see how you are doing during our maternity visits. For good care on our part, the deployment of a maternity nurse is indispensable during home birth and the maternity bed.

Mid 2024 we introduce our own maternity nurses. Because they are in our team so we can give better care because we know eachother and we have during the year futher training with eachother.

Cold sore

Cold sores (fluid-filled itchy blisters on the lip) are very dangerous for the baby in childbirth. The cause of a cold sore is a virus (Herpes). This will become active at times of reduced resistance. Any contamination can make a baby seriously ill. If the cold sore is a blister, you should adhere to the following advice:

  • Don’t kiss the baby.

  • During this period, work extra hygienically (wash your hands a lot and change to clean clothes more often).

  • Be careful with visitors with a cold sore. If possible, postpone that visit until the cold sore has disappeared.

Birth registration

You must register the baby at the registrar of the municipality within 3 working days after the day of birth. If the birth registration cannot be done within 3 working days, it is necessary to consult the registrar by telephone.