Other healthcare providers

Maternity centers

GPs (General practisers)


Lego Flevoziekenhuis Almere

Lactation Consultants (breastfeeding experts)

During your pregnancy, you can approach her with any questions. You are entitled to one free consultation with her at our practice. You can contact Marianne by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

Pelvic floor physiotherapist

The pelvic floor physiotherapist collaborates with general practitioners, specialists, midwives, and fellow physiotherapists for even better care. Customization and innovation are the key concepts in this approach.


In the practice, a lot of attention is given to the treatment of babies and children, but adults are also welcome.


Chiropractic Rodermans treats patients with a wide variety of complaints. Optimizing health with a central focus on the nervous system is the core of our care.

13 and 20 weeks ultrasound