Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

During the nine months of pregnancy your body goes through a lot of changes so it can adapt to the growing fetus. Even though you have not yet seen your belly grow, behind the scenes there is a lot going on. This can result into:

  • urinating more often

  • nausea and fatigue

  • sensitive breasts

  • sensitivity for emotions (hormonal affect)


The way you feel during pregnancy can depend on a lot of factors, including the way people will react in your environment. Even though they might mean well, please try not to take it too serious. In case you are worried or have any questions, you can always contact us.

Pregnancy consultations/checks

The first consultation will be around the 10th-12th week of pregnancy and will take about 45 minutes, because we would like to be fully informed of your health and provide you with necessary information regarding a prenatal screening. You can read more about the prenatal screening and NIPT and combination test on the Dutch website.


All other consultations will take about 15 minutes each. On average you will visit us 12 times during the entire period of pregnancy to which you will bring your pregnancy card. We will make sure you are well prepared for the next consultation and we offer a child friendly waiting room with toys. We also like to include your other child(ren) in the consultation.

Teen pregnancy

Are you younger than 23 years old and pregnant? A lot of information and tips (in Dutch) can be found on these two websites: