Background information

Research to my unborn child

All information about the NIPT, combination test en the 20-week echo.

What do you take care off during your pregnancy? What is important after giving birth?

Civil Affairs Almere

Information about the recognition of the unborn child.

FIOM Amsterdam

In case of unwanted pregnancy.


In case of unintentional pregnancy.

La leche league

Information and guidelines about breast feeding.


All-in and outs about breast feeding.

Association of Parents of Incubator Children

Tips for parents and family for incubator children.

Medicines and compass

All information about medicines.

Mothers for mothers

Pregnant? Share your fortune with other mothers.

Birth control

Everything about contraception, for example; after you gave birth.


Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives.

Reliable information about hereditary disorders.


Information about various examinations and disorders regarding pregnancy and delivery.

Central government

About pregnancy and combining this with your work.

Central government

About pregnancy and parental leave.

Nutrition center

What can you and can’t you eat during your pregnancy?

Care guide

Explaining all the possibilities for pain relief.