No childbirth story is the same. It might be a cliché, but it’s very true. Another true cliche: giving birth is letting go. And this starts during the pregnancy. You have no control of the moment that labor starts, how you will be feeling (especially during your first pregnancy) and how the pregnancy will go. This can cause a lot of stress and worry. We therefore recommend you to follow a pregnancy course. This will give you the tools to face every phase of the pregnancy, including tips for childbirth, your partner and so on. This way you are better prepared mentally and physically and probably more prepared to trust yourself. This will help you during the entire pregnancy. Your body will start to produce a morphine hormone, to fight the pain, however if you are stressed you will not be able to feel the endorphins because of the adrenaline that will take over. That is why it is very important to not be stressed and to let these feelings go.


You can always listen to Spotify ‘Het Geboorte-atelier’ for calm birth music.