COVID-19 policy and FAQ

There are currently no restrictions with regard to COVID-19 within our midwifery practice. We’re not working with face masks and your partner is welcome at any time. As a pregnant woman, it is good to try to prevent getting COVID-19, so stick to the national advice. If you want to know more about COVID-19, you are always welcome at our consultation hour.


Do you have COVID?
Most pregnant women have mild symptoms and are best treated at home. But please do let us know about your situation. Sometimes you can choose to postpone a check-up until you’re recovered, or you can choose to have an appointment by phone.


If you unexpectedly become ill and suffer from a high fever and shortness of breath, always contact your general practitioner, midwife, or gynaecologist. If there is a possible COVID-19 infection during hospitalization or childbirth, a test will be taken in the hospital.