Prenatal pumping

It is possible to start prenatal pumping during pregnancy and this has some benefits to it. Firstly, you will get used to touching your breasts in a different way. The drops that come out can be put in a container and stored in a freezer. If necessary you can use this as extra nutrition after labor for your baby, if you have trouble breastfeeding the first few days. Prenatal pumping is especially advised for women that have a medical indication, for example pregnancy diabetes.


Prenatal pumping is not advised for women that have been in premature labor in their last pregnancy. If you decide to start with prenatal pumping you can start after 37 weeks of pregnancy, because this can induce labor. It’s also very important not to pump before your body is ready to produce milk. If you can only produce a few drops, this is completely normal. Chances are you will be able to produce more after labor.