Whooping cough

Infants are usually not yet protected against the whooping cough, because the first vaccination is not until they are 8 weeks old. This is peculiar since the whooping cough is especially harmful for infants and young children. This illness has been increasing in The Netherlands in the past years, which means it is all the more necessary to protect the young against this. It is possible to protect your baby from the start with a vaccination during pregnancy. The antibodies will pass through to your child through the umbilical cord. It is advised to vaccinate yourself against the whooping cough from 22nd weeks of pregnancy onwards (up to 38 weeks) and this has to be repeated during every following pregnancy.


Is it safe to vaccinate?

This vaccination had been proven to be safe for mother and child. Research shows that, besides from the side-effects, no harm will be done with this vaccination. Side effects are for example, sleepiness, headache or some pain from the injection needle. The UK, Belgium, Spain and the US also use this method of protection against the whooping cough.

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