The place of childbirth

Netherlands is the only country in the world where women can choose whether they want to give birth at home or at the hospital. Our country has a tradition of giving birth in our own home environment, so we can do this in the least stressful way. It is also very safe, because we have so many hospitals nearby, if necessary it’s always possible to transport the pregnant women to a hospital close by. We will always provide obstetric care, whether it’s polyclinical or at home, this makes no difference to us.


Home birth

Medically speaking we will guide you at home the same way as we would be doing in the hospital. The maternity nurse is also present during the labor. She will assist us and takes care of you and the baby. Even though it is not very common it could be a disadvantage if you have to be transported to the hospital due to complications. Studies show that giving birth at home is as safe as giving birth in a hospital. Home births on the first floor or ground floor is advised, it is not advised giving birth on the second or third floor because you would have to go down two stairs (if you should have to go to the hospital) which is quite a challenge when in pain and giving birth.


Hospital birth

A polyclinical birth is a birth in the hospital under the care of an obstetrician. You will go to the hospital in your own care and after giving birth you will stay at the hospital for about 2 hours.


Your choice

Think about where you and your partner would like the birth to take place. It is important you feel safe and comfortable. The final decision will be made at the end of the pregnancy and even during birth you can still change your mind. In case of a polyclinical birth there are extra costs involved, so please check your health insurance for the amount of the costs. The hospital will send you an invoice afterwards.