How do you deal with the pain?

On the website of the KNOV you can read a lot about handling the pain during labor. It is good to know that this is a unique type of pain. It is a signal that the baby is coming, instead of a sign of your body that something is wrong, for example the pain you feel when you break an arm.
Your body responds different to labor pains, you will produce endorphins, which is the natura morphine of the body. You will probably become more focused on yourself and what’s happening within. Some ways to stimulate the production of endorphins:


A warm shower douche (of bad) is a good way to ease the pain. The warmth will make it so you can relax better and focus on your breath.


By controlling your breath you will make optimal use of your lungs so you will get a lot of oxygen in and breathe out all toxins.


You can take different postures to control the pain, we will provide you with a folder so you can already practice them. Your partner, mother, friend or obstetrician can massage you by adding pressure to your back below.


Sometimes yoga (including calm deep breathing) or (self)hypnosis are applied. In our practice we have had some positive experiences with this. We notice that the women using this can let go better or more easily.


You can also use the Geboorte-TENS. This device will use electric currents to manage the pain and you can easily use it yourself.