As a child at primary school, Mieke was allowed to go on maternity visits to family and friends with her mother and she always loved this. When the midwife appeared, she knew for sure: she wanted to do this later. She first started as a freelancer and then joined a practice that really suits her.


That is why Mieke has been part of Het Geboorte-atelier since 2006 and experiences this as a privilege: she is happy to work with colleagues who have so much passion for the profession. She knows that her colleagues really feel how special this period is for you. And it is also very special for her that she is allowed to think and empathize during these intimate and special moments.


Personal words from Mieke:

“Special about this work is that I can care for people from start to finish, reassure them and be at the unique moment of birth. It's also great when someone returns during their next pregnancy and you recognize each other. That makes work more fun, because you build a bond! I look forward providing care for you in the future too. ”