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Important: You can obtain free advice about submitting this complaint from our complaints officer. The complaints officer can also assist you in formulating the complaint and in investigating the possibilities of arriving at a solution to the complaint. You can contact our complaints officer via: info@geboorte-atelier attn.: Mieke Spruijt.
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Thank you for describing your complaint. We will carefully investigate your complaint. You will receive a written notification within 6 weeks of receipt of the complaint, in which we substantiate our assessment of the complaint with reasons and which decisions and measures will be implemented. Depending on the complexity of the investigation into your complaint, we can extend the term by a maximum of 4 weeks. We will inform you of this as soon as possible after receipt of your complaint.
DD slash MM slash YYYY

Nieuwe locatie!

Per 29 augustus 2022 krijgen wij een nieuwe locatie!

Vanaf 29 augustus 2022 vervalt het adres aan de Edvard Munchweg 33, het nieuwe adres wordt: Edvard Munchweg 16B

Per 1 november 2022 vervalt ook de Daan Hoeksemastraat 57, echo's die op de Daan Hoeksemastraat 57 waren vinden van 29 augustus 2022 alleen nog plaats op de Edvard Munchweg 16B

Wij hopen jullie hiermee voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd, mocht je toch vragen hebben kan je contact met ons opnemen: of 036-7601277