To be able to perform the medical exams of pregnant women as good as possible we have to document your administrative and medical data. Not only your midwife(s), but also interns and external hired medical staff (in case of temporary understaffing) do have access to the above mentioned data. This is essential to be able to give excellent care during you whole pregnancy at any given moment of the day or night. The mentioned persons have and we have a confidentiality obligation towards third parties. In addition we apply the applicable legal rules of the Dutch lawgiver. These rules are included in a so called privacy regulation (in Dutch: Privacyreglement).

Complaints settlement
When you have complaints over our services provided, or you feel inaccurate treated by one of us, we suggest you to discuss this with midwife in matter. When, un hoped for, a conversation isn’t possible, or a conversation doesn’t solve the problem, we would like to inform you that there is an option to mention your complaint(s) to the independent complaints commission of the royal Dutch organisation of midwifes.

Click here when you have a complaint.