From an early age, it was clear for Korian that she wanted a career in healthcare. Nevertheless, she first started a different study. This was not the right place for her, so she decided to switch studies. When she came into contact with obstetrics, she immediately knew; this is it! Everything that has to do with pregnancy and birth makes her heart beat faster. She has a positive attitude and guides you with passion, fun and a touch of humor. By offering a listening ear, she hopes you feel heard and safe. Korian believes that every subject should be open to discussion, and she likes honesty.


Personal word from Korian:

``The moment a pregnant woman sees her own strength and follows her intuition is one of the most beautiful things to see. There is something magical about working as a midwife and I still get goosebumps very often. I hope to contribute to a positive experience and would like to impart a bit of peace and confidence. I look forward to meeting you!”