My name is Angélique Kooij-Wiegers, 38 years old. I graduated in 2004 and this year I’m proud to celebrate my 10-year jubilee. My interest in midwifery was aroused when I got a little sister as a 5 year old girl. I found it very interesting what ‘that lady’ every timee checken with my mother during childbed. Then I said: ‘what that lady does now, I’ll become that too’. I never had any regrets of my choice of employment.

After my graduation I worked in Eindhoven, Numansdorp, Uithoorn and Lelystad before I got the opportunity to start my own office in Almere. I started enthousiastic with this opportunity. In the last nine years I worked, among others, with Mieke and since 2014 with Samantha and we turned our office into a heart-to-heart, personal and intimate ‘village’office. In the past 10 years I experienced many fine and special moments with our clients and also had a lot of wunderful conversations. The intense moments where I’m the present one, are the best parts of my profession. I also enjoy supporting the parent (to be). I cannot wish for a finer career and I hope to keep working as a midwife for many years.

My name is Samantha de Roode-Blom and I’m 28 years old. In 2013 I afgestudeerd at the Academie Verloskunde in Amsterdam. Since I was a little girl I knew my vocation was in midwifery. I was so happy balloted for this studie directly after high school! During my studie I spent a lot of my internships in Almere, so it wasn’t an unknown area for me. After graduation I started working als freelancer at Het Geboorte-atelier gewerkt. Since Januari 2014 I’m set as a full time college. To complete this step I moved to Almere together with my husband and children.

As midwife I think it’s important to give personal en qqualitative good care as much as I can, so that pregnant ladies and their partners have confidence in the pregnancy, birth and maternity bed. Working as midwife enjoyes me, because as midwife I can witness a very special moment in the life of people!

My name is Mieke Spruijt-van den Brink, 34 years old right now. In 2006 I started working as midwife, from that moment I find it fantastic! The variety of consults at the office, the surprise during my service (who will deliver today?) and the postpartum check-up’s where I can admire the result (all those beautiful babies!), I love it all. I still work with as much pleasure as in the beginning. I started working as freelancer in Amersfoort, Scherpenzeel, Oegstgeest, Grootegast, Roden and Hoogezand. Meanwhile I also worked at Het Geboorte-atelier, that existed for one year at that moment. That was the moest sociable office of all! So in 2008 I started fulltime in Almere. It was (and still is) a place where it’s intimate and we really think that it’s very special that you are pregnant. We feel how special this period is voor the pregnant lady and her partner. The special thing about my work is that I am able to support people from the start of the pregnancy till they hold their baby, that I may calm them and I am allowed to share the special moment of birth. It is always lovely when somebody revisit’s our office when she’s pregnant of a next child. So my work keeps getting better every day!

My name is Rosanne van Jole together with my partner I live in Almere Poort. From an early age I was fascinated by pregnancy. Back then I already knew I wanted te become a midwife. I was very happy that I was allowed to start start my study at the Verloskunde Academie in Amsterdam immediately.
The special about being a midwife is the special band you build with the woman and her partner. I think it is very special to follow the whole process, from early pregnancy to childbirth. The variety of my job makes my work special every day. The last years I’ve learned a lot from many midwives. The many ways of working were nice to form my own vision. As a midwife I think it’s very important that you and your partner feel yourself heard and feel yourself free, both before, during and after childbirth. Together we can ensure an optimal experience of this beautiful, exciting and special time. I am very grateful that I may help you during this special moments and I look forward to meet you.