– In case of blood loss
– If you don’t feel enough fetal movements (from 28 wk week). Especially the frequency is very important. When you aren’t sure about this, we like to here from you the same day.
– If you fell on your belly or when you bumped hard on your belly
– In case of premature contractions (preterm labour)
– Broken mambranes, despite the color of the amniotic fluid
– When you are worried

Call when giving birth starts

Starting from the 37th till the 42nd week of your pregnancy is allowed to give birth to your child under our legal responsibility. A child-bearing can start in several different ways. With 90% of the women giving birth starts with contractions, the remaining 10% starts with rupture of membranes (in Dutch: Gebroken vliezen). Below some guidelines are presented, so that you know when you can call us when it’s your opinion that the actual child-bearing has begun.
1. Contractions. First child: when you have strong contractions on a regular basis, which occur every 3 minutes and last for at least a minute during a time frame of 1 hour. The  2nd or following child: when you have contractions on a regular basis, which occur every 4 till 5 minutes and last for at least a minute during a time frame of 1 hour.
2. Ruptured membranes. – With clear or pink amniotic (in Dutch: Vruchtwater), sometimes with flakes, only call during the day. – When you have green, yellow or brown amniotic, or when the head of the baby isn’t descended (you hear this from us during the consult hour) call us immediately 24/7.
3. When you have red blood loss. When there is some slime present in the blood this isn’t something to worry about. This is normal.

You call immediately, day and night when when:

•Contractions before week 37 of your pregnancy.
•Loss of amniotic when the head of the baby hasn’t descended
•Loss of green, yellow or brown amniotic.
•When you have a lot of clear red blood loss, this applies during the whole process of the pregnancy.
•When you’re worried.
When there is loss of clear amniotic when your baby’s head is descend. This is only a first sign that the child-bearing is about to begin. The actual start of the child-bearing can still take a while, therefore calling us at night is not necessary. Call us in the morning than we will bring you a visit during that day. (Do not take a bath when your membranes are ruptured without contractions). You don’t have to all us when you’ve lost your mucus prop.