We are willing to make our contribution to the whole wonderful process of being pregnant and to make the pregnancy as confining and enjoyable as possible for the pregnant women and their partners. Whether you decide to give birth to your baby in de comfort of your own home or at the hospital, we are glad to accompany you during your whole pregnancy. Our services are covered by all Dutch health insurance companies.

Our care includes:

In general

•Accompany of pregnant women with their residence in and around Almere
• Care of pregnant women in and around Almere
• 24/7 care
• Dedication
• Small office with 3 capably midwives
• You’ll get to speak a midwife immediately when you phone us
• Your mail will be answered by midwives only
• Close cooperation for many years with both the Flevoziekenhuis as Tergooi ziekenhuis in Blaricum
• Keep you posted through Facebook, with handy tips and information!
• No parking costs
• Your own app of our office
• Large waiting room
• Wheelchair friendly

Office hours

• A sufficient amount of time during the consults, depending your needs
• We can support and consult you in child wish
• Multiple days with office hours, ones a week a consult in the evening hours
• Office hours at several locations
• Every working day a consulting hour by phone for non-emergency questions
•One day a week possibility for ultrasaounds by Mirjam Kelderman. She’ll carry out medical ultrasounds during pregnancy to determine your due date, measurement of the skin fold in the fetal neck in case you choose to make a combined test, 20 week ultrasound, ultrasound to check the fetal growth and so forth
• Childfriendly treatment room with toys. We like to involve childeren to the check-ups.


• Accompany of giving birth at home and giving birth at the hospital.
• We are experienced in support of birth positions, such as bath- and birthing stool deliveries
•We’ll transfer you to the gynaecologist if necessary
• You may use our Geboorte-TENS (only €7,50 for the pads)

Maternity bed

• Lactation consultant
• Maternity care
• Cleave the tight tongue-tie during the first week (€40)


• We organize information evenings about giving birth
• We organize first aid lessons
• We organize babymassage lessons
• Fine contact with several providers of pregnancy lessons like cherries people en cursus bevallen


• All midwives of the Geboorte-atelier are joined in the professional organization KNOV  
• All midwives of the Geboorte-atelier are joined in the quality register
• Our practise is part of joint care in Almere, where a unique method of cooperation is used between the midwife practises and the gynaecologists. More information can be found at: www.zwangerinalmere.nl
• We articipate to the VSV (midwive-gynaecologist cooperation Almere)
• We articipate to several study groups
• We articipate to the Alliantie Almere (cooperation of midwives)
• We articipate to the SPO (Cooperation Partners Almere)
• Close en fine cooperation  with several general practitioners in Almere

Client satisfaction

• The mean grading mark is 9,8 to client satisfaction
• The mean grading mark is 9,9 to emotionally involvment
• The mean grading mark is 10 for accessibility
• We celebrate our 10-year jubilee in 2015!

When complications during pregnancy or childbirth occur, we’ll transfer the care to the gynaeologist. You might think of hypertension, problems with fetal growth, medication for the pain during labor or other complications. That’s necessary to provide the best care at the right time for you and your baby. It is our goal to continu our support for you, even when unexpected care by gynaecologist during birth is nessecary.

Rescheduling of your appointment has to be done at least 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately if you would like to reschedule within this timeframe of 24 hours we have to bill you. These costs are €25.