10 crude fibre mats, 2 packs sterile gauze 16 x 16 cm, 1 pack cotton wool of 100 grams, 1 sterile umbilical cord clamp, 1 soapdispenser (perfume-free), 1 bottle 70% alcohol, 3 packs maternity sanitary napkins, 1 plastic sheet for your bed, 1 digital thermometer (no ear thermometer), bed raisers (make sure your bed is about 80 cm high is, for example with beer crates). You could order this package by Duxxie.

Bed raisers: lift the bed to 80 cm high

maternity record 
clean clothes for yourself
toiletries bag
clothes for the baby in different sizes (size 50 en 56),
something to drink
something to eat (crackers, gingerbread)
something which gives you energy, like dextro energy
clean T-shirt, socks and slippers for your partner (he will suffer wet feet massaging your back when showering…)
photocamera with fully loaded batteries and empty memorycard

Not necessary:
Special bandages for the umbilical cord-string (you just let it dry by air)