A waterbirth is a pleasant way of giving birth. The warm water is a safe place can help you relax during and between the contractions. The warm water relaxes the muscles and redusces the pain experience.

The more you are relaxed by the water, the more endorfines your body will produce. You can compare it with a painkiller, you can handle the contractions much bette rand the dilatation process will end up well most of the times.

We like to help you with waterbirthing at home. You can rent the Birth Pool in a Box bath PRO at our office.

Pregnant women can have waterbirths in the Flevoziekenhuis. In one of the rooms is a big bath installed, which offers space for two persons. The bath is wide enough to relax during contractions, even accompanied by a partner. You might want to have some support when you start pushing. You can sit turned in the bath so your feet will find enough support. A waterbirth in theFlevoziekenhuis will be compensated by your insurance and is only possible when there is no medical indication. Most women are very satisfied when they had a waterbirth.