In our office at Edvard Munchweg 33 it is possible to get medical and not-medical ultrasounds, even when you are not our client. Because 9 months is a long time to wait and see your baby. You will be amazed what you can see during pregnancy. You may even be able to see the hairs!

We use a new technology called HD-light (we are the only one in the Nederlands!). HD light is a way to look ‘into’ the uterus with special 3D techniques and to show how the baby looks like at that moment. It looks as you light up the baby with a little flash light from all sides, so you can see it much better and more real life. This technique is not harmful for the baby, just as regular ultrasounds.

It is possible to get the next medical ultrasounds:

• Check the vitality of the baby Covered by health insurance
• To caluculate your due date at 10-12 weeks of the pregnancy Covered by health insurance
• The combined test for Down’s syndrome (This is not covered by insurance and costs €161)
• To check the fetal growth Covered by health insurance
• The 20 week anomaly scan (SEO) Covered by health insurance
• To check the position of the baby Covered by health insurance
• To check the location of the placenta Covered by health insurance
You can also get non-medical ultrasounds:
• Sex determination (from 14+6 wk) €35,00
• Ultrasound from 24 weeks gestation €65,00

Our ultrasound operator Mirjam Kelderman works in our office on Mondays. She is a medical trained, highly experienced and certified operator, and will make sure you will get the best pictures possible of your growing child. She uses the most advanced equipment. Mirjam is a.o. associated with SPSAO. You will always recieve nice pictures. You’ll recieve the images on a USB-stick.

When you choose a non-medical ultrasound you can pay cash. We don’t have an ATM machine.

For more information

My name is Mirjam Kelderman. I have been working as a prenatal diagnostics sonographer for many years. Also, I have trained several midwives and physician assistents in gynecology. My passion is obstetric ultrasound, taking care of the parents and their unborn baby and establishing a great collaboration with the midwives.

Being pregnant is an unique experience for an expecting mother and their loved ones. It is an experience that should be cherished, while creating a safe environment for the unborn child. The midwives of Het Geboorte-atelier and I share a common vision and have been working towards improving antenatal care. In practice this means an intensive collaboration and high-end ultrasound equipment with 3D and 4D capabilities. It’s important that parents are, even during the pregnancy, able to see their son or daughter. That is why all expecting parents get to take home multiple photographs and, if possible, even a 3D photograph in color or in black and white.

Feel free to bring parents or children to the ultrasound appointment. If, however, there is something that requires special attention, we would like to talk to the parents alone. Friends and family are then kindly asked to wait in the waiting room.

The midwives of The Geboorte-atelier and I would love to meet you at the Edward munchweg 33.