Congratulations!!! You are pregnant. During your pregnancy a lot of changes take place. Even do there isn’t much to see on your belly, yet a lot is happening inside your body. Often occurring complaints are:

•You have to pee more often
•Nauseous and tiredness
•Tense breasts
•More sensitive for emotions

How you feel during your pregnancy depends of many factors, among others the reaction of people within your life habitat. Don’t make too much use of well-meant advice of others. If you have any questions or concerns, we are there for you! With regard to feeding advice and often occurring pregnancy related complaints click here. We kindly suggest you to take a look at the site of Dutch Feedingcentre.

To subscribe yourself at our practice you can call us during our daily consult by phone. Do not wait too long with subscribing for your first check-up, because we only accept a limited number of pregnant women per month. Subscribe as soon as possible, so we can provide you with important information directly and schedule an intake at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. The services that we provide are covered by your Dutch health insurance company.

Pregnancy check-ups
The first check-up is between the 8th and 10th week of your pregnancy. This check-up will take about 45 minutes of your time, this because we would like to know everything about your health and perhaps we would like to inform you about prenatal screening.
Take a look at onderzoekvanmijnongeborenkind for more information about tests.

All secondary check-ups take only 15 minutes of your time. On average you are required to visits us 12 times during your pregnancy. During each visits you have to bring your pregnancy card with you.

If you aren’t married it is wise to visit the city hall to acknowledge the child before 24 weeks pregnancy. This prevents that when your partner goes to the city hall, after birth is given, the child doesn’t get his surname. For more information: Almere