It is common that during the first trimester of your pregnancy you feel very nauseas. This is caused by the pregnancy hormone HCG. HCG (Humaan Chorion Gonadotropine) forms itself when fertilization has taken place. This pregnancy hormone, that especially increases in concentration in the early beginning of the pregnancy is not only there to give the woman an indication that she is pregnant. It is building a nest for the baby and makes sure that the mother adjusts herself, both mental and physical, to her pregnancy and prepares herself for the child that is coming. Among others, it makes sure that the thickness of the endometrium increases whereby egg cell is able to nest in the uterus. Blood vessels are the future navel cord (in Dutch navelstreng) and take care for the exchange of food. By itself this hormone is therefore useful, only downside of it is that it causes nausea. After the 12th week of your pregnancy the level of HCG decreases slightly and therefore the nausea also a bit.
If the nausea is so bad that you are unable to keep your food and drinks inside your body, contact us.


Being pregnant costs a lot of energy, especially in the first trimester, which can be disappointing. Je cannot fix this, but try to deal with it in a positive manner. Account with it, don’t make too much plans for a day, use the moments of rest.


Constipated bowels is a symptom of loosened bowels by the pregnancy hormones. You can try to fix this by drinking warm water at an empty stomach, in the morning as well as have a 30 minute walk every day. Besides this you can pay attention to your diet: eat enough fibres (fruit, vegetables, legumes and wholegrain products) and drink plenty of fluids, at least 1,5 litres a day.  You might buy Roosvicee Laxo at the supermarket, and drink 1-2 glasses  a day. When you still suffer complaints after using this advice, please feel comfortable to discuss it with us.

Gastric acid

Try to divide your meals into several small portions when you suffer gastric acid. Eat in peace and chew well.  Coffee, orange juice and fat may worsen your symptoms. Stay straight up after dinner, do not lay down immediately. Don’t eat solid food from two hours before you will sleep. Dat will help to prevent gastric acid at night time. You can also lift het headboard a little so that your food can lower better.