The Netherlands is the only country in which women can decide for them self whether to have their child be born in the hospital or at home. Our country has a long lasting tradition of giving birth to your child in the comfort of your own home. This is bearing a child in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. In the highly populated Netherlands there are a lot of child births at home which isn’t a coincidence, there are many hospitals in the neighbourhood of a women giving birth. When necessary she is within minutes in hospital. We accompany both child-bearing at home as well of those who choose to give birth in the hospital. It is from great importance that you give birth to your child at the place where you feel the safest in order to be able to relaxe at an optimum level. When this is taken into consideration the likelihood on a perfect child birth is the highest.

Giving birth at home
From a medical point of view, you get the same treatment when you give birth to your child at home or at the hospital. A special nurse (in Dutch: Kraamverzorgster) is also present during your child-birth. She assists us and takes care of you and your baby. Despite the fact that is doesn’t occur often, it can be a disadvantage that you have to be transported to the hospital in case of a medical complication. Empirical researches have shown that giving birth to your child at home is at least equal safe as giving birth in the hospital. It shows that the results of giving birth for the first at home are equal to the result as giving your first birth at the hospital. When giving birth for the second time and following pregnancies the results of giving birth at your home even outweigh the results of giving birth at the hospital. At home you can give birth at the first floor or ground floor. We advise against giving birth in the attic because you have to walk downstairs two stairs when you need to go to the hospital.

Giving birth at the hospital
Giving birth at the hospital is a child-bearing is accompanied by a midwife. You travel with own transportation to the hospital. After giving birth you will stay for at least two hours in the hospital.
The department midwifery (in Dutch: Verloskunde) of the hospital ‘Flevoziekenhuis‘ organize several evenings in which information is given for pregnant women and their partners. The focus of these evenings is to inform you and your partner about all the details when you decide to give birth at the Flevoziekenhuis. During these evenings nurses of the midwifery department explain everything including giving birth trough Caesarean operation (in Dutch: Keizersnede) An expert gives you information about breastfeeding. When possible you can join a tour to see the child-bearing rooms with your own eyes. It’s preferable to participate in one of these information evenings.

Own choice
As mentioned earlier, it is important that that you choose the child-bearing location (either at home or the hospital) at which you believe the both of you feel the most convenient and safest. The final decision has to be made at the end of your pregnancy, even during the contractions (in Dutch: Weeën) you can change your mind. Clients who decide to give birth at the hospital have to be aware of a contribution in the total costs. The height of this contribution depends on how you are insured and your insurance company.