It is possible to choose for an injection with Pethidine.  It may be given to you at any time. About 1 of 3 women is satisfied about the painreducing effect. You might feel more sleepy of Pethidine or even fall asleep. Dat may be comfortable when you’re tired of the contractions: you can have a rest.

A disadvantage is that you can feel sick, dopey and sleepy, through which you experience the birth less aware.  You cannot walk around, because the baby will be monitored. The baby may also be dopey as well by the Pethidine, who might have more difficulty breathing post partum. Some babies need an injection to breath good again. Babies might also have more difficulty finding the breast en suck because they’re sleepy. This may trouble to breastfeed.

The infuse with Remifentanil works fast, mostely after a couple of minutes and reduces the pain approximately as well as Pethidine. Remifentanil vanishes quickly out of your blood after birth. Unfortunately it might cause  difficulty breathing or a respiration stop and less oxygen in your blood. Therefore you and the baby have to be monitored continuously. It’s not for sure what the effects to breastfeeding are.

Most of the women with epidural feel very little to nothing during contractions. It works better than Pethidine or Remifentanil. You don’t get sleepy or dopey of a epidural so you experience birth very aware. Disadvantages of an epidural are:

  • Sometimes, at 5 to 10 of 100 women, doesn’t the epidural work enough. They have to insert it again.
  • An epidural has more disadvantages and consuquences for you and the baby in comparison with Pethidine or Remifentanil, because:
  • The pushing might take more time. Because of that you have more risk to a birth by vacuüm (a vaginal medical delivery).
  • You’ve got more risk to a Caesarian section because of the condition of the baby.
  • The contractions are often less effective, so you will need extra medication to produce stronger contractions.
  • You might have hypotension. Therefore you’ll recieve an infuse with fluids and sometimes medication to prevent extreme hypotension.
  • You cannot leave the bed by yourself, because there’s less sensation in your legs. That will return after stopping the medication by the epidural. At low dosage you’ll have more sensation in the legs and sometimes you are able to stand and walk.
  • You’ll have more difficulties to urinate, because you have no sensation in the lower body. That’s why you’ll have a catheter.
  • You will have a fever more often. The bodytemperature can rise by an epidural. It is difficult to decide if it is caused by the epidural or by infection. You’ll have antibiotics to be sure. Sometimes the baby will be take in to the children’s section and will also have antibiotics.
  • Sometimes women with epidural suffer itchiness. These side effects are mostely caused by the combination of drugs.
  • Sometimes women with epidural suffer a headache after the birth. This is caused by a small hole in the cebral membrane which leaks cerebral fluids. This headache can be treated with drugs.