Wonderment, happiness, hope, disbelieve, confidence? You might experience several feelings, everything is possible. In any case you are looking for a midwife to counsel you. You came to the right place! Het Geboorte-atelier is a small, peaceful, freely located midwife practice between Almere Stad and Almere Buiten. We provide care to preconception consults, pregnancy, child-birth and maternity bed in Almere. We also provide in every kind of medical ultrasound in pregnancy. The practise consists of four midwifes:

Because we are located on the business area ‘Het Atelier’ and we as midwifes believe all pregnant women are busy creating the most special piece of art that exists, the choice of the name ‘Het Geboorte-atelier’ is obvious. If you want us to consult you during your pregnancy, don’t wait too long with applying before the first check-up, because we can only take a restricted number of clients every month!