About: what needs to be done during pregnancy? How go the first hours after birth? (only in Dutch)
Burgerzaken Almere Information about accepting pregnancy by your partner (when you’re not married)
FIOM Amsterdam unwanted pregnancy
Siriz unintentional pregnancy
Vereniging Borstvoeding Natuurlijk information and guide lines about breastfeeding
Borstvoeding All in’s en out’s about breastfeeding
Vereniging Ouders van Couveusekinderen Advices to parents and family of incubator babies
Geneesmiddelen en kompas All information about medication
Moeders voor moeders Just pregnant? Share your happiness with others mothers!
anticonceptie About birth control, after your birth
KNOV Dutch midwife organisation
NVOG Dutch gynaecologist organisation Information about hereditary diseases Information about hereditary diseases
Rijksoverheid about pregnancy and work
Rijksverheid about maternity leave
Voedingscentrum what you may eat during pregnancy
zorgwijzer information about painrelief during childbirth