preallWe are proud to be partner of Preall. Preall is an obstetric partnership of care providers you meet during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. These care providers work intensively together whitin Preall from your their specialism. This makes communication efficient and the care between midwifes, gynaecologists, maternity nurses and other professionals will be tuned well. Together we will try to make sure that your pregnanyc, birth and postpartum period elapse well. At home if possible, in the hospital when desirable.

Maternity support
The intention is that you arrange professional maternity support from a maternity organisation. Most of the insurances have a partnership agreement with a maternity organisation. You can ask for this with your health insurance. We work together with all centers. We have a fine collaboration with the partners of PREALL:

1. ZiNkraamzorg 0348-436010
2. De Kraamvogel 088 – 77 88 500
3. Allerzorg 0348-416834
4. BabyCare Kraamzorg 088-0157300
5. De Waarden 0182-32 55 55
6. Kraamzus 088 – 41 00 750


Flevoziekenhuis 036-8688765


Huisartsenpraktijk Het Duyfken 036-5325550
Huisartsenpraktijk De Waterlelie 036-5373435
Huisartsenpraktijk Medi-Mere 036-5329988

Lactatiekundigen (borstvoedingsdeskundigen)

Baby & Borst 036-5361600


Martine Wagenmans