You will see us regularly in the maternity bed (in Dutch: Kraambed) period. In general we will visit you three or four times at your home. If we detect any problems during our last visit we will increase the number of visits at your home. Our maternity visits (in Dutch: kraamvisites) are ment to check the health of the mother and the new born baby and when necessary to adjust the feeding of the baby and also to answer questions.

Maternity nurse
The maternity nurse (in Dutch: Kraamverzorgster) is there to assist when the mother has chosen to give birth to her child at home and to perform some medical test on mother and baby during the maternity bed period. These tests and the results of it are written down by the nurse in a medical care file, this helps us to see within a wink of eye how mother and child are doing. To be able to provide you with excellent care from our side a maternity nurse is essential. On the days that we don’t bring you a visit the check-ups are done by the maternity nurse. When in doubt she will consult us on how to continue her services towards mother and child.

Cold sores
Having a cold sore (in Dutch: Koortslip) while you are in your maternity bed period is very dangerous for the baby. The cause of cold sore is a virus called herpes. On moments of reduced physical resistance it’s likely that this virus re-actives itself. A contamination of the baby with this virus can make the baby very ill and can also lead to his/her death. In case of a cold sore one should obey the following guidelines:

  • Do not kiss the baby.
  • Be extra hygienic.(wash hands a lot, changes to clean clothes regularly).
  • Be careful with people visiting who have a cold sore. If possible delay this visit.

Registration of birth
Registration of birth takes place at department of civil affairs (in Dutch: Burgelijke stand) in the place of birth. This has to be done within three working days after the child has been born. When this isn’t possible it is necessary to contact the officer of civil affairs by phone. The city hall is opened from Monday till Friday between 08.30-17.00 uur, onThursday till 20.00 uur and on Saturday between 8.30-14.00. It is essential to have a valid identification with you, such as a driving license or passport. When you are single mother, the person who was with you during the child-bearing may register the birth of the child but only with your permission.