At the website of KNOV you can read a lot about dealing with the pain of birth. It’s good to know it’s a unique sort of pain. It is a signal  that you are about to have a baby and not, as others kinds of pain, a sign of a problem, like a broken leg. Your body will cope in a different way with the pain of birth, you’ll start making endorfines, the morfine of your body. That makes you to be more focussed at yourself. We will note some advices to encourage the production of endorfines:

A hot shower (or bath) is a pleasant way to reduce the pain. You are able to relax more when you are warm, so you can focus breathing. A serenity of breath is the best you can do, it provides oxygen for you and the baby. Start showering only when the contractions continue strong. In the beginning of borth thee shower might work so well that the contractions will reduce.

You have the most profit of your lungs when using an calm breath, what makes oxygen enter and emissions leave. The best way to cope with a contraction is to breath calmly (we will help you with that) and that causes less cramp in your muscles.

Use all kinds of positions. Ideas for this you read in this paper you recieve from us around the 30th week of pregnancy. Your partner, mother, friend or midwife can use massage, especially by give pressure at the lower back.

Yoga (calm deap breath) or sometimes (self)hypnosis are used. We are very enthousiastic about this. We notice that women using yoga or hypnosis are much more capable of relaxing during the birth process.

You can also use the Geboorte-TENS. This uses electric pulses by adhesive labels on the lower back. You attend the device by yourself. Some women experience less pain and it seems working the best in the beginning of labor. TENS has no risks or damaging consequences for you or the baby. Check your health insurance polis for compensation.