Are you not pregnant yet but would you like to conceive? In this case you can visit one of our fertility consults. During this consult we give you tools to start your pregnancy in the best way possible. If you experience difficulties getting pregnant, please contact your family doctor. He or she will, if necessary, refer you to a gynecologist.

You may not be pregnant yet but the time prior to conceiving is of great importance and influence to your chances of conceiving and also to the health of your baby. Your lifestyle, as well as your partner’s lifestyle, are of great importance to the development of your baby. It is important to realize this when you are thinking about getting pregnant.
Our fertility consults can help and guide you towards improving your lifestyle to create the best conditions and healthiest environment for your baby to grow in.

Subjects that will be discussed
During the consults we will inform you on subjects such as your diet, smoking, alcohol use, exercising and working out, your job, medication you use, medical conditions that may run in your family and fertility.
Is there anything that we feel needs further attention? Then we will refer you to your family doctor, a gynecologist, a dietician and/or any other specialist. Furthermore we will inform you about folic acid, a healthy diet and lifestyle, blood research and tests that can be performed on your unborn child.

Questionaire zwangerwijzer
Before you come and visit us we recommend you to fill out the questionnaire at When you finish the questionnaire there’s an option for you to sent yourself the answers by e-mail. Please print this e-mail and bring it with you to the consult. Based on your answers we can give you a proper analysis and a personalized advice about possible risks to your pregnancy. At the consult we will discuss these risks with you.

It is important for your partner to join you during the fertility consult. This consult will take about 45 minutes. We will ask you to fill in the questionnaire at and to hand us the results at least a week in advance. You can drop of the results at the practice or sent them to us. The results will be used as a guidance throughout the consult.
Are you interested in our fertility consult?To schedule an appointment please call us at 06-55123096 during consulting hour or sent us an e-mail containing your name, address, phonenumber and date of birth at The costs for a fertility consult are € 90,00. You can contact your insurance company to see whether these costs will be covered.