We can tell you a lot about child-birth. It is cliché, but true: every delivery is different! It is important that you allow to let it go. Pregnancy is the first moment to let things go, jo have no control over the time of birth, you don’t know what it’s like (especially when you’re expecting your first child), and you don’t know how your labor will be. Reasons enough to be a little stresses.

We advice you to follow childbirthclass. You’ll learn about the different stages, suggestions how to handle the contractions, advice for your partner, etc. You’ll learn what’s changing in your body, which makes you mentally and fysically more relaxed, which is positive for labor. Your body will produce an morfine like hormone: endorfine, but adrenaline (stress) will hold up that production. Besides classes it might also help to read a nice book about pregnancy and child-birth, there’s enough literature!

Het Geboorte-atelier takes care of a free education (In Dutch) each month! Fases of birth, do’s en don’ts for the partner, birth plan and bearings are discussed. You can sign up by mail or call to our assistent. Time and location: 19.30 Daan Hoeksemastraat 57.  You can still apply for:

Dec 9

Jan 15
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You can also read (unfurtunately only in Dutch) our brochures.