Breastfeeding is for a newly born the best and easiest food to digest. That is why we advise you to breastfeed your child. During the first week the maternity nurse will assist you in breastfeeding your child and she will do her best to learn you as much as possible about how it is best to feed your baby. Researches indicate that breastfeeding is most likely to be successful when the baby receives it within the first hour after birth. When the health condition of you and the baby allows to breastfeed we will encourage this. When there problems, which are difficult to solve, and require more information and assistance we can contact an expert (in Dutch: Lactatiekundige) for you. This expert on breastfeeding has a lot of specific knowledge and of very usable tips and several aids. The use of this expert is not always covered by your insurance, however often only one appointment is sufficient. Are you insecure about breastfeeding? For pregnant women there are meetings about this subject. You learn everything about breastfeeding and how you can prevent certain problems from occurring and when they do occur how you can solve them. For additional information you can take a look on the website: and