Many births happen in supine position, while a vertical attitude is more natural. The baarkruk looks like a toilet seat, but some lower. This low seat creates more space in the pelvis which is good for birth. The gravity will also help you. Your partner can sit behind you, so you may sit back between the contractions. There is less pressure on the bloodvessels to the uterus, making the blood flow well to the baby. The duration of pushing is usually a bit shorter and you’ll be more in control in comparison with supine position. There is something more likely to have a rupture, but not a total rupture. A rupture usually heal well. The amount of blood loss is no different than lying position. You can also ‘catch’ your baby yourself if you like! Women who have given birth on a stool are satisfied.

All obstetricians in our practice are experienced in guiding a childbirth on the birthing stool. We always have a baarkruk with us, you do not need to make a reservation.